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Joining Our Trust

Joining Our Trust - As A School

For full information about joining our Trust and the due diligence process, please read the document attached at the bottom of this page.

The Trust believes in delegating as much or as little power to the local governing bodies of the schools involved as is appropriate according to their circumstances, and that best results will be achieved when they receive a level of responsibility and autonomy appropriate to its specific circumstances.

The current schools within the Trust, where Cliff Park Infant School acted as a converter academy sponsoring the Junior School, has enabled us to maximise economies of scale through negotiating shared contracts and services, and continually reinvest the money saved in creating the best teaching and learning environment and agenda for the pupils in  both schools.

We believe the model for new schools joining the Trust should be similarly bespoke, although in principle each school would retain their own funding with services and support provided centrally through an agreed financial arrangement where the Trust charge a 'top slice' (representing a % of GAG income). This would enable each school to take advantage of our cost effective infrastructure and established supplier service relationships.

Firstly, we will provide school improvement co-ordination and teaching/learning direction, including:

  • Identifying strategic school priorities
  • Head teacher/Head of School 'performance management'
  • Teaching and Learning curriculum reviews
  • School self-evaluation
  • Trust CPD relevant to needs of school

In addition, as a single legal entity, a central function is required in order to ensure compliance and oversight to the entity as a whole, and would include core central support, office, and governance functions which the Trust will undertake. The financial model can also include additional 'chargeable functions' in areas where the Trust can offer additional support, expertise and/or resource, which each school can choose to pay for based on their circumstances and needs.

For all of the core central teaching, governance, or chargeable support services, the motivation of the Trust is to ensure the most efficient and cost effective approach to managing them is adopted. We are committed to, and have a track record of achieving, best value for the school's investment at all times.

It should be noted that East Anglia Schools Trust is the employer for all staff within its Academies, which allows for the movement of staff across schools if this is desired. This is an attractive option that offers greater security of employment for staff in schools with fluctuating populations.

For more information about our due diligence process and criteria please read the attached document:

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